The DecAID Science Team wishes to gratefully acknowledge the following people for their contributions to DecAID:

  • Financial and logistic support from Lisa Norris and Grant Gunderson, Pacific Northwest Region, USDA Forest Service; Richard Holthausen, Washington Office, USDA Forest Service; and David Johnson, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, under the auspices of the “Oregon-Washington Species-Habitat Project” (Wildlife Habitats and Species Associations in Oregon and Washington).
  • Statistical consultation provided by Manuela Huso and Timothy Max. Additional review of statistical methods and interpretations were provided by Jim Alegria, Tom DeMeo, Mark Huff, and Martin Raphael.
  • Discussions with, and reviews by, Dave Bridgewater, Fred Bunnell, Andrew Carey, Gary Daterman, Andy Eglitis, Louisa Evers, Paul Flanagan, Don Goheen, Tommy Gregg, David Johnson, Miles Hemstrom, Deborah Lindley, Mike McGrath, Dave Overhulser, Dave Perry, Martin Raphael, Darrell Ross, Mary Rowland, Barry Schreiber, Don Scott, Pat Shea, Madeleine Vander Heyden, and others.
  • Technical/Scientific reviews were provided by Keith Aubry, Bill McComb, Don Goheen, Miles Hemstrom, Paul Hennon, Dede Olson, Catherine Raley, and Victoria Saab.
  • BETA testing and user reviews were provided by Bill Connelly, Terry Fairbanks, Steve Garman, Kathy O'Halloran, and Bob Obedzinski. The following individuals provided reviews through the Oregon Chapter of The Wildlife Society: William Munro, Mark Peninger, Richard Schmitz, and Tim Schommer. Tahnea Jafari and Gina King provided reviews through the Washington Chapter of The Wildlife Society.
  • We are grateful to Pat Ormsbee for helping to organize and hold expert panel workshops to review data and interpretations, and for helping summarize literature and data, particularly on bats.
  • Many experts attending the workshops, reviewing data summaries, and providing advice, including: Lisa Bate, Evelyn Bull, Andrew Carey, Deborah Lindley, Chris Maguire, Kim Nelson, Pat Ormsbee, Victoria Saab, Barry Schreiber, Torolf Torgersen, and Jennifer Weikel.
  • Data contributions from Keith Aubry, Lisa Bate, Evelyn Bull, Andrew Carey, Steve Cross, Richard Frenzel, Doug Keinath, William McComb, Cathy Raley, Martin Raphael, Victoria Saab, J. A. Taylor, Torolf Torgersen, Dave Vesely, Ted Weller.
  • Chris Maguire contributed data from the Demonstration of Ecosystem Management Options (DEMO) Study, a joint effort of the USDA Forest Service Region 6 and Pacific Northwest Research Station.
  • Tom Spies for his contribution of dead wood data from the “Old-Growth Study”.
  • We are grateful to Jeff Reis for producing Stand Visualization Simulator diagrams depicting the different structural condition classes.
  • The Forest Inventory and Analysis program of the PNW Research Station, the Current Vegetation Survey of the USDA Forest Service, Region 6, and the Natural Resource Inventory program of the USDI Bureau of Land Management for their contribution of forest inventory databases. We also thank them for their ongoing commitment to collecting ecological data (snags, down wood and insect and disease information) on inventory plots across Oregon and Washington.
  • We thank the many wildlife biologists and technicians whose tireless field work has provided the scientific data upon which DecAID is based. Responsibility for the management and interpretations of the field data remains with the DecAID Science Team.
  • Thanks to Grant Gunderson for providing helpful review comments on the DecAID Tutorial in addition to his support of the DecAID Science Team.
  • Database contributions from the “Oregon--Washington Species-Habitat Project overseen by David Johnson and Tom O’Neil, and developed in part by Madeleine Vander Heyden, Marla Trevithick, and others.
  • Jaimie Bradbury assisted with web site layout and editing.
  • Stephanie Wessell assisted with formatting the wildlife tables and graphs, and with error-checking data.

Additional Acknowledgments for DecAID version 3.0

DecAID Website Development

  • Zahid Chaudhry
  • Connor Seli, Chaochung Tsai (project lead), Bill Koncerak (database manager), Ian Lancaster (project manager), Scott DeLucero, Margo Blosser, Vickie Cunderla (project sponsor)

Data Analysis

Thanks to Heather Roberts for running geographic overlays to associate spatial data with plots for the vegetation database.

Beta Testing

Kim Mellen-McLean, Sue Livingston, Karen Waddell, Janet Ohmann, Steve Acker, Barbara Webb, and Barbara Garcia

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