Latest SIT release:
Spatial Intersection Tool Addin (SIT)
SIT is available to all users with eAuthentication accounts.
If you do not have an eAuth account, you may request one from the USDA. Click here to request a new USDA eAuthentication account.

SIT does not currently support intersections with rasters. You can convert your raster to vector, or choose to buffer the fuzzed locations, summarize the raster values however you chose within those buffers, and intersect the SIT points with the buffers.

To use SIT using your local ArcGIS installation:

  1. Save the SIT Addin file to your local machine. Click here to download the SIT Addin File.
  2. Place the SIT Addin file in the C:\Users\<USER NAME>\My Documents\ArcGIS\AddIns\DesktopXX.XX directory, where XX.XX is the version of ArcGIS on your machine.
  3. Launch ArcMap on your local machine, then proceed with steps 2-12 below, under To use SIT in Citrix. For step 5 in that section, browse to the folder named above in step 2.

To use SIT in Citrix:

  1. Launch ArcMap in Citrix.
  2. Go to Customize > Add-In Manager.
  3. In the Add-In Manager dialog, click the Options tab.
  4. Click the button labeled Add Folder....
  5. Browse to the folder T:\FS\Reference\GeoTool\agency\Application\ArcGIS****\Add-Ins and select SIT. Click OK.
    • Replace the ArcGIS**** folder with the ArcMap version you are using
  6. Click the button labeled Customize....
  7. In the Customize dialog, select the Commands tab.
  8. In the Categories section, find and select DATIM.
  9. Drag the tool name SIT to any available toolbar.
  10. Click the Close button.
  11. Launch SIT by clicking the SIT icon in the DATIM - SIT toolbar.
  12. Click Login to login with your eAuthentication username/password or with LincPass. eAuth will return you to SIT after you successfully log in.

SIT Attribute Manager

Use the SIT Attribute Manager to view, edit, and share your SIT Attributes and see SIT Attributes that are shared with you.

SIT Attribute Manager