Analysis Tool for Inventory and Monitoring (ATIM)

ATIM is used for analyzing Forest Service resource inventory and monitoring data. The reports created in ATIM provide unbiased, sample-based estimates of population parameters and associated sampling errors for various natural resource inventories.

With ATIM, you can run any of the standard reports for a given population of interest and inventory year (an analysis dataset). You can also create custom reports based on your selected criteria. Administrative users have the additional ability to create new analysis datasets for use in reporting.

To get started, select one of the tasks below.
Create Live Reports
This report wizard will guide you through the process of creating “live” reports using FIADB data directly.
Create Reports Using Static Analyses
This report wizard will guide you through the process of creating reports using "static" analysis datasets. Static datasets include custom analyses that are controlled by the owner and datasets copied from FIADB. When the source data in FIADB is updated, those data changes are also applied to the associated DATIM datasets, but any such datasets already included in custom analyses will remain unchanged (static). This option is recommended for NFS users and others who require non-changing datasets that they control.
Create a New Analysis Dataset (Administrative Users Only)
If you are an administrative user and want to create a new analysis dataset for a population of interest and inventory year, click the Create New Analysis button to begin.

CSV Export Manager
If you want to view or download public or private export requests for static analyses, click the CSV Export Manager button to begin.

USDA eAuth Login:
If you are interested in saving your ATIM Reports, SIT Attributes, etc. to the DATIM server, please click the Login button below and sign in with your USDA eAuthentication Account. If you do not have an account already, you can create one from the same page by following on-screen instructions.
You will be redirected to the USDA eAuthentication website to either sign in or create an account. Afterwards, you will be returned back to DATIM.
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