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Sorry - this product is no longer available

Woodsy Owl Costume

Woodsy Owl Costume
SKU: R99409
Rental price: $0.00 per 1 day(s)

Availability is not guaranteed until you have completed and signed a reservation form.  After we receive your order, we will contact you to complete the reservation process.

This Woodsy Owl costume is available for your use for free except for shipping costs to return it to

We will work with you to make sure it arrives a few days prior to your event. 

Individuals who wear and use the costume must agree to:

  •         Use the costume only to further public information and conservation education.
  •         Not to speak during appearances. Conversations or explanations should be carried out by the accompanying official (escort).
  •         Never appear in less than full costume.
  •         Remain anonymous at every appearance and in any publicity connected with an appearance. Please do not be photographed without the head.
  •         Use only costumes that are clean, complete, and in good condition.
  •         Keep costume out-of-sight before and after use.
  •         Appear dignified and friendly. Avoid clowning and horseplay.
  •         Always be accompanied by an appropriately uniformed escort in public appearances, except where not practical, such as on a parade float where          space is limited.
  •         Do not use alcohol or illicit drugs prior to and during the Woodsy Owl appearance. This condition applies to uniformed escorts as well.
  •         The costume should be used by persons in good health, with an ability to withstand aerobic exercise.


You will receive an Escort Guide, Job Hazard analysis and return instructions with the costume.

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