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National Symbols Cache

Smokey Bear 8' Inflatable

8' Inflatable Smokey
SKU: R99400
Rental price: $0.00 per 1 day(s)

Availability is not guaranteed until you have completed and signed a reservation form.  After we receive your order we will contact you to complete the reservation process.

This 8’ Inflatable Smokey Bear is available for your use for free except for shipping costs to return it to the Cache.  We will ship it to you at our expense. 

We will work with you to make sure it arrives a few days prior to your event. 

The 8” Inflatable Smokey Bear is to be used at events where a wildfire prevention message is appropriate and actively conveyed. Examples of appropriate events include parades, appearances at schools, fairs, youth-group meetings, conservation activities, television appearances, sporting events, civic and community events, trade and trademark shows, and similar functions.

There shall be at least one uniformed attendant to accompany the display.  The attendant must be knowledgeable about Smokey Bear and wildfire prevention.  The uniformed attendant should always be with the Smokey Bear display to further express the wildfire prevention message.   

Examples of inappropriate uses include Christmas and Halloween parties, political events, fundraisers, events with alcohol, private events, events with an appearance to charging a fee to see Smokey (see exceptions below for events with an entrance fee), summer picnics, Job Fairs, the Combined Federal Campaign, or any situation that might compromise Smokey Bear’s integrity or give the appearance of using Smokey to increase event attendance, impropriety, a “celebrity appearance”, or simply a photo opportunity. There needs to be an opportunity with all appearances to share a wildfire prevention message.

You will receive an Escort Guide, Job Hazard analysis and return instructions with the costume.

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