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National Symbols Cache

Outdoor Fire Safety Brochures - English

This brochure provides information about being safe with vehicles, trailers and equipment, smoking, lanterns, stoves and heaters. As well as, charcoal briquettes, target shooting and debris burnings.
SKU: 99422
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Junior Forest Ranger Adventure Guide- English

The adventure guide welcomes children to the world of the forest and gives them the opportunity to get involved with an array of fun and educational activities. Once the activities are completed, the child is encouraged to submit the card in the back of the booklet to the National Symbols Cache. When the card is received, the new Junior Forest Ranger is sent his or her official Junior Forest Ranger card and patch.

Smokey Bear Story Book Bags (Bilingual)

Bags printed with images from The Story of Smokey Bear book. They are made from recycled materials and are bilingual (English and Spanish).

The Smokey Bear Story Book - Children's Version (Due back in stock 10/12/2022)

This book tells the true story of the living Smokey Bear. Smokey shares his story with young children to help them understand how important it is to be careful with fire. This book compliments the teacher’s version (SKU 99288) and is designed for children to take home, read on their own, and share the five rules of fire prevention with their friends and family. Like the teacher’s version, all text is featured in both English and Spanish.

Smokey Bear Flying Disks (Due back in stock 10/26/2022)

These high-flying disks are a great way to toss around Smokey’s fire prevention message in the classroom and at events. Each disk includes a nylon pouch in its corresponding color. The flier comes inserted into the pouch to make it easier to hand out. Made from recycled materials.