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Fire Education

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Children's Fire Safety Activity Books

A fun activity book that teaches children about fire safety, Smokey Bear’s fire prevention message and fire on the wildland urban interface. It includes word games, mazes, and assorted pages for coloring.

Mark Trail Activity Book

Mark Trail’s "Living on the Wild Side Responsibly" is an engaging activity book about living near wildlands. It is printed on recycled paper. The activities in this book address the following National Achievement Standards: The 1996 National Science Education Standards, the 1996 Standards for English and Language Arts, the 1994 National Geography Standards, the 2000 Principles and Standards for School Mathematics, and the 1996 National Standards for History.

Mark Trail Coloring Book

In this illustrated coloring book, printed on recycled paper, Mark Trail explains how prescribed fire can be helpful to southern ecosystems. It helps children understand how people, wildlife, and plants benefit from fire under certain conditions. The coloring book teaches about how prescribed fire can be helpful in the the southern ecosystems