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Eclipse Embroidered Patch

Commemorate the annular solar eclipse that takes place on October 14, 2023 and the total solar eclipse taking place on April 8, 2024 with these embroidered patches. They have an adhesive backing so they can be ironed on or sewn on.
SKU: 99477
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Smokey Bear Rain Gauges

Large plastic rain gauge on a stake that measures up to 6" of rain. Use as reminder to be aware of the amount of rain we have received when fire danger is high. Help spread Smokey's message "Please be careful.....Prevent Wildfires!"

Smokey Bear Can Coolers

Keep your favorite soft drink cool around the campfire with these educational can coolers. One side features America's favorite bear and the other reminds everyone to "Drown, Stir, and Feel!" their campfire before leaving their campsite or going to bed.

Woodsy Owl Signature Stamp

Use this Woodsy Owl signature stamp to mark your paper work, envelopes or other items to show your support for Woodsy Owl's conservation messages. Share with kids to create their own artwork, etc. They are self-inking in black and red ink. The imprint size is 2.5" x 1"

Junior Forest Ranger Adventure Guide- English

The adventure guide welcomes children to the world of the forest and gives them the opportunity to get involved with an array of fun and educational activities. Once the activities are completed, the child is encouraged to submit the card in the back of the booklet to the National Symbols Cache. When the card is received, the new Junior Forest Ranger is sent his or her official Junior Forest Ranger card and patch.