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Activity Book for Smokey's Friends

This eight page, black and white fire prevention activity and game book is for children 7 through 12 years of age. Perfect for classrooms and community youth groups. Book includes fire hazards exercise, forest crossword, add-a-line activity, forest word finds, picture this activity, Smokey rebus and Smokey’s five rules of fire prevention.

Coloring Book for Smokey's Friends

This eight page, black and white coloring book for young children is perfect for distribution in classrooms and to community youth groups. Easy-to-color, entertaining images highlight Smokey Bear’s five rules of fire prevention. Great for children in first through third grades.

Educational Nature Posters - Small

Size - 8 1/2" x 11" . Each set includes 15 different posters. Reserve a special place on the wall for these colorful posters that educate children and adults about the great variety of life found in our national forests. These posters are available in two sizes, and serve as a bright reminder of Smokey’s friends and partners in fire prevention. Each set includes the following: Trees, birds, mammals, invertebrates, nests, tracks, butterflies, wildflowers, insects, fish, snakes, mushrooms, herbs, leaf types, and a special “Don’t Light Up the Night” poster featuring nocturnal species.

Fire Danger Adjectives

This set of five large reflective labels for outdoor and highway signs is adhesive-backed and includes instructions on how to use.

Fire Prevention Appreciation Plaque

A laser-engraved oak plaque with routed edges and the classic Smokey message “Remember… Only You Can Prevent Wildfires!”

Get Your Smokey On Carabiners

“Get your Smokey on” with these stylish carabiners. They are made from recycled aluminum, laser engraved, and have a gate-style latch for attaching to belt loops, gym bags, backpacks, or whatever else is chosen. Not suitable for climbing.

I help Prevent Wildfires Lanyards

This lanyard is a great give away at meetings and conferences. It includes a safety breakaway and a pouch for your identification card. Made from recycled materials.

I Met Smokey Today Stickers - English

Removable pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive sticker. Kids will love receiving this sticker when meeting Smokey.

I met Smokey Today Stickers - Spanish

Removable pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive sticker. Kids will love receiving this stick when meeting Smokey.