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DecAID Insects and Disease Information

The most significant insects and pathogens covered in DecAID in terms of activity and management implications are listed below. Individual agent hotlinks take you to species description narratives. To view a list of insects and pathogens that is specific to a particular wildlife habitat, run a Query and select the “I&D Species List” button at the top of the screen, or theTables hotlink under the section entitled “List of Insects and Pathogens.”


 Root Diseases

Balsam woolly adelgid
California fivespined ips
Douglas-fir beetle
Douglas-fir tussock moth
Fir engraver
Jeffrey pine beetle
Mountain pine beetle
Pine engraver
Spruce beetle
Western balsam bark beetle
Western hemlock looper
Western pine beetle
Western spruce budworm

Annosus root disease
Armillaria root disease
Black stain root disease
Laminated root rot
Port-Orford-cedar root disease
Tomentosus root rot

Dwarf Mistletoes


Douglas-fir dwarf mistletoe
Knobcone pine dwarf mistletoe
Mountain hemlock dwarf mistletoe
Western dwarf mistletoe
Western hemlock dwarf mistletoe
Western larch dwarf mistletoe

White pine blister rust

 Stem Decays

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