Curran Junetta Thin Timber Sale

Cottage Grove Ranger District

Umpqua National Forest


The analysis for this project is a good example which shows the effect of thinning on future recruitment of dead wood. FVS-FFE was used to model future snag and down wood recruitment.



Coarse woody debris analysis on pages 89-93

Primary cavity excator analysis on pages 102-105


Minor errors in EA:

1) The assessment of coarse woody debris refers to 30 and 80% tolerance levels from DecAID but does not cite which part of DecAID it is referring to. The EA should make it clear which data set (wildlife or vegetation data, harvested or unharvested plots for vegetation data) and wildlife habitat type are being used in the analysis. The best way to accomplish this is to cite the table or figure from DecAID that contains the information used.

2) The EA refers to "levels recommended by DecAID". DecAID does not recommend levels of dead wood. The user should define the goal based on the information in DecAID.


Landscape Level Dead Wood Analysis

Layng Creek Watershed Coarse Woody Debris Inventory

Umpqua National Forest, Cottage Grove Ranger District

by: Rob Cox, Ray Davis, Mike Olen