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Forest Management, Market and Climate Impacts of Mass Timber Materials

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Wood Products Markets Grants (WPM)
The Nature Conservancy
Global Lands
Forestry and Wood Products
4245 N Fairfax Drive, Suite 100
Arlington, VA 22203
The Nature Conservancy is leading a multi‐institution collaboration to quantify the potential for innovative mass timber materials to support improved forest management, revitalize forest economies and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. Life cycle assessments (LCAs) of engineered timber products such as glued laminated timber (glulam) and cross‐laminated timber (CLT) in construction have highlighted their environmental advantages over conventional materials such as concrete and steel. However, there is little understanding of how developing new markets for such materials could support the wood product sector and the management of US forests. This applied research will assess in detail the potential impacts of large‐scale growth in mass timber demand on wood product markets, timber harvest, forest management and climate change mitigation in key wood‐producing regions across the USA and globally, as well as opportunities to leverage these markets to support US forest management and rural economies. The findings will be used to produce peer‐reviewed publications and design a suite of targeted stakeholder engagement materials and programs, providing an objective, credible fact base to inform the design of policies and programs to maximize environmental and economic benefits of mass timber use for the forest sector.
Project goals include: 1. Model the consequences of increasing mass timber demand across the United States, assessing its potential to support wood product markets, forest management and greenhouse gas reductions. 2. Conduct deeper assessments of impacts of increased demand for mass timber in two key wood supply regions of the United States. 3. Communication and engagement of stakeholders to inform policy design.
Virginia, The Nature Conservancy, climate impacts, markets, CLT, cross laminated timber, mass timber, life cycle analysis, LCA, glued-laminated timber
US Forest Service Grant $ 226,283
Cooperative Funding $ 113,406
Total $ 339,689
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