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New Features Added

      1) A new function to submit help tickets has been added to this site.
         Please try using this function the next time you need help with MIDAS (website, PC or Allegro issues):

                      Help | Help Tickets

      2) A new function to check for updates has been added that provides a way to check for updates and
         install MIDAS software after you log into the site.

                      Utilities | Check for Updates

      3) New browser-compliant functionality for MIDAS web on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge,
         Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

      Note: Edge is the preferred browser for MIDAS web. Chrome and Firefox should be used in Full Screen mode (F11/80% zoom).

      4) You can select a range of checkboxes by clicking on the first checkbox and shift-clicking on the last checkbox.

      5) A new function to provide a plot data archive for files that crews don’t want to lose if their PC crashes. Crews have read/write access
         to their personal folder to create/delete files/folders on the MIDAS server, but only have read access to other
         crew’s files/folders to allow files to be shared. Copies of all files/folders can be downloaded for any/all crews in a region:

                      Field | Crew Plot Files Archive

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