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FIADB_1.8.0.00 Last updated October 10, 2019
FIA DataMart files
File type Description Level of difficulty
CSV iconPDF Portable Document Format files of FIA State reports Low
HTML iconHTML HTML Format - Most recent FIA data by State Low
Excel iconXLS Microsoft® Excel 2013 workbooks containing many reports for the most recent State inventories. Workbooks also includes VBA Macros that issue POST and/or GET API commands to generate EVALIDator reports based on parameters passed in INPUTS worksheet. Medium
SQLite iconSQLITE SQLite3 State databases. SQLite home page High
CSV iconCSV Forest Inventory and Analysis Database (FIADB) comma-delimited files in FIADB version format (if you click on this link the next page INCORRECTLY states that the files are in FIADB version format - they are in version format). High
API iconAPI Application Programming Interface for EVALIDator web-application High
Postgresql iconPostgresql ZIP file containing scripts for creating and loading Postgres FIADB version database. Also contains desktop EVALIDator reporting tool, and documentation. High

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Web citation: October 10, 2019. Forest Inventory and Analysis Database, St. Paul, MN: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Northern Research Station. [Available only on internet: https://apps.fs.usda.gov/fia/datamart/datamart.html]