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Forest Health Advisory System Theme Art
Grand Tetons art image
Grand Tetons by Brian Lockhart, USDA Forest Service,  


Healthy forests not only provide a beautiful setting for our outdoor activities, they are at lower risk for catastrophic wild fires, and are more resilient to changes in climate and insect and disease attack.

Many forest pests are part of the natural environment. However, as our nation’s forests grow older and more dense, they are at greater risk of attack and new invasive pests can become established. Fortunately, we have projections which can identify tree species at risk of attack well ahead of time. Armed with this and other local information we can be proactive about protecting and restoring our forests to a healthy state. By planting new trees, removing unhealthy trees, and limiting the spread of invasive forest pests, we can ensure our nation’s forests remain healthy for future generations.

This website is designed to report on existing and predicted insect and disease conditions, raising awareness about forest health in many of the places you have come to know and love. Remember a healthy forest can make a world of difference!

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Resource management professionals, please see our important notes for details on how the data were modeled and compiled.